The Admin Panel

The Applitools Eyes Admin Panel allows you to view your account's details, and manage users and teams in your account. It is only accessible for account and team admins.

This page covers the following topics:

How to access the admin panel

You can access the admin panel by clicking the "Manage" toolbar menu item:

How to add a user

You can either add a user to a team or to the account.

New account users can be added by clicking the "Add new user" button at the Users page:

In the ADD NEW USERS dialog enter one or more email addresses of users you would like to add to your account and click the "Add" button.

For each user, the ADD NEW USER dialog will open showing the details of the user.

In this dialog, you can edit the proposed username, full name and email of the new user, and click "Add" to approve the addition.

To add a user as a member of a team, type his email or select it from the drop-down menu that lists all current account users, and then click the "Save" button to update the team.

The user will receive a "Welcome" email that includes a link to view the test results of the team.

If the user does not already exist in the account, you will be prompted to approve its addition via the ADD NEW USER dialog as described above.

How to disable a team

Disabling a team will prevent access to the test results of the team.

To disable a team, go to the team's page, uncheck the "Enabled" checkbox and save. To enable the team, simply check the checkbox and save again.

How to delete a user

Deleting a user will remove it from the account as well as from all the teams it is a member of.

To remove a user check the checkbox next to its username in the Users page and click the delete button.

How to remove a user from a team

To remove a user from a team, click on the "X" next to the user's details and save.

How to find your API keys

Each team in your account has a distinct set of API access keys. You can find these keys in the team's page under the API KEYS section.

  • The Run key provides access to the server APIs used for running tests. This the API key you provide to the Applitools SDK in your tests.
  • The View key provides access to view test results. It can't be used for modifying or updating baselines. 
  • The Update key provides full access to test results, including the ability to modify and update baselines.